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It's more likely profit made by companies with foreign ownership or interests will end up overseas. That could amount to billions of dollars every year being removed from the New Zealand economy.

Every dollar kept here helps our economy by improving our health system, building roads, infrastructure and schools etc. We think that's worth supporting!

Display a 100%NZ banner on your website and encourage people to support you.


It's 100% free to join!

It costs nothing to register your website. As a guide, we believe a 100% NZ Owned & Operated business is one that is owned and operated by people residing in New Zealand, with all profits being taxed in New Zealand.

We offer the service in good faith and trust those who register to do the same. We don't decide who can or can't display our banners. But falsely displaying a 100NZ Owned & Operated banner may breach the Fair Trading Act, as false or misleading advertising.

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