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Frequently asked questions

To contact a site displaying a 100%NZ banner do so via their contact page.

Frequent Answers:

  • The 100%NZ logo is not available for use on printed material.
  • It's free to register. No ongoing charges or fees.
  • Each individual website needs its own individual registration.
  • You can register by clicking here.
  • Your SPAM and junk mail filter settings may be blocking our emails.
  • Is about your "business" not the products/services your business sells. The products you sell can be made anywhere.
  • Banners are not available in any other design or colour.

If you believe someone is wrongly displaying a 100%NZ logo please contact them directly in the first instance to voice your concern - they may have made an honest mistake. We do not get involved in disputes. However if you believe there is evidence that the business displaying the logo is not 100% NZ owned and operated this may breach the Fair Trading Act, as false or misleading advertising. If the Commerce Commission investigates your complaint and takes enforcement action against the business we will 'blacklist' the site and remove their registration. Click here to contact the Commerce Commission.

For all other enquiries you can contact us here.

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